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What is Vidizi?

Vidizi (acronym - Vid'Easy) is a push button video editing software that enables the amateurs and professionals to be on the same page for creating highly engaging and converting videos for their social media, business or YouTube in literally a matter of minutes.

It has been highly recommended that Facebook videos work when they are only 15 seconds and Vidizi does just that for you. Vidizi is loaded with exclusive video and audio that is 100% unique and license free, and of course the ability to upload your own videos and audio as well. 

Vidizi is also a cloud based app software that is fully customisable. The creator Jimmy Kim is a renowned eCommerce marketer that saw the potential of 15 second videos having much better engagement. He then invested $20k into building this software and testing it to prove whether videos that are no longer than 15 seconds provide a better ROI.

The results are astonishing. His experiment increased ROi to x18 spending $28,681.05 and generating $52,970.15


Why choose Vidizi?

We all know that the future of advertising is heading towards videos. Facebook did it with Facebook live, and Instagram stories. Snapchat and and of course YouTube. Vidizi will get you your video created in super easy steps, you don't need to know video editing or hire someone to do it. Save yourself costs within your business by doing it yourself. 

The great fact is that the app is also cloud based. So there is nothing to install. Just get the video and customise it within the app. Super easy, super quick, and the fact that it has a lot FREE stock images and FREE royalty music. What more can you ask for?

Is Vidizi for you?

So far with what I have tested on the VidiziI am totally loving the app. But will you?

Vidizi is for you if: 

  • you are looking to save time creating videos.
  • you are not computer savvy.
  • you have no video creation technical skills.
  • you want to increase engagement with your ads to convert to more sales.
  • you just want a smooth clean and easy way of creating videos that eliminates the hassle of researching pictures and audio.

It honestly is a one package fits all video app. So in short, Vidizi features the following:

  • Cloud based.
  • Youtube video upload.
  • FREE stock images.
  • FREE stock marketing videos.
  • FREE royalty music. 
  • Fully customisable platform.
  • Text on video.
  • Slide graphics with text
  • All editing tools such as opacity and colours.

So your probably wondering how does Vidizi works. Check out the demo Vidizi review demo below.

Here are some more examples

Interested? Now here are some of my results from using Vidizi

Firstly have a look at this from Facebook. 

As you can see according to Facebook, video is one of the best forms of ways to communicate and SELL on Facebook.

And on a recently published article they recommended that your videos should be 15 seconds or LESS.

And when we tested this concept on a an eCommerce store we found the views to be cheaper and it increased our sales and conversions.

As you can see with the 15 second video we spent $2,681.05 to get over $52,970.15 in sales using this EXACT method recommend by Facebook.

And now for the icing on the cake!

As you can see from the 127,815 views - 111,828 views were on MOBILE devices.

That's over 92.5% views on a tablet or mobile phone.


How to compile your first video easy software?

Vidizi is going live on the 5th of July so when it is out there is going to be a lot of buzz and hype around it. Prices will vary but as always prices are the lowest they can be during a pre-sale. They then go back up once the buzz has died down so do not hesitate and get your Vidizi video editing software as you may regret later. 

Discounted Pre-launch Vidizi Personal / Commercial - $47 / $67 (was $67 / $97 monthly)

In these two packages you can pick either the Personal package or the commercial package. These include access to the app plus access to 100 Marketing ready videos and ability to upload your own video and sound! Plus full customisation of your marketing videos. The commercial package allows you to have unlimited use to sell to clients. Perfect for people looking to go into the video creation business for their fiverr or freelancing business. This special pre-launch discount is very limited. So if you want this. Get it today to avoid disappointment.

Vidizi pro video club - $98

In this package you instantly get 400 Exclusive Custom Marketing Videos! and as a bonus: 100 Royality Free Music Pack.

Facebook video mastery - $97

This is the ultimate package and it teaches you step by step how Jimmy Kim turned $2,300 ad spend to $52,000 in sales!

Before deciding on which package to get, you have to consider why you need it and what benefits it can give you. You need to think about the long run as well for you business and how you are going to grow and have continued growth. I highly recommend that you visit their website at least once and not miss this great opportunity which you will not regret.


If you are a marketer who or even a freelancer looking to start a business in creating videos then you should definitely give this package a try. If you are not entirely satisfied there is a 14 day money guarantee refund. All in all, I absolutely recommend you to try Vidizi, any package, just try it, it is worth your time and money. There are many applications that offer similar things but nothing out there at the moment quite compares with the quality Vidizi has to offer

Frequently asked questions

Can it be used on Mac or PC?
It's 100% Cloud or Web Based. That means there is nothing to download or install :)

How many videos can I create?
As many as you want! We are not limiting you on the number of videos you can make!

Can I upload my own videos and audio?
Yes of course! You can upload any youtube video or your own .mp4, also any .mp3 audio.

Why just 15 second videos? What's the point?
As you can see from above, 15 seconds is the optimised time for social media, and Facebook recommends it as well.

Is there a monthly fee to use Vidizi?
Non at all. During this special release period, there will be no monthy charges.

What are the upgrades? Will I Have to buy more stuff?
There are 2 optional upgrades that will be offered. Option #1: Pro video templates, this upgrade enables you to get 400 more videos in 13 categories. Option #2: Facebook Video Mastery - This upgrade is for you if you want to learn more about how Jimmy Kim turned £2,300 into $52,000. This gives full access to the course where you will be taught step by step.

Are the videos 100% royality free?
Yes they are exclusive to Vidizi only. 

How do I get support?
2 ways. either at or email at


this is absolutely amazing. 15 second videos. it’s bang on with the reasoning.

Daniel July 04, 2017

This looks very interesting. I can’t wait to check this out on the 5th July

Jonathan July 01, 2017

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