Ultimate gaming setup under $50

Its pretty obvious that gaming can be expensive, especially when you are on a PC. Tons of different options, so many different styles, tons of reviews and you tend to follow the ‘whats cool’ style.

We’ll we’ve taken whats modern right now and whats AFFORDABLE and we’ve found all the sources for you.

#1 - Volcano Gaming MOUSE (Mystikz exclusive)

When it comes to having the right set up you know it all starts with the mouse. Using something wireless is HIGHLY unreliable. Imagine playing Overwatch trying to teleport tracer and BAM… your mouse shuts off.

Yea, its happened to us and this is the WORST feeling in the world. We’ve scouted the best mouse for your gaming needs and guess what we’ve also got it at the BEST price imaginable.

Price: $39.99
Our Price: $11.99

HOW?: We have over 500 in stock and we purchased them BULK. Meaning we are passing the discounts to you.. Yep, we are gamers helping other gamers.

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#2 - Thunderlod gamer RGB keyboard (Mystikz exclusive)


Let’s face it… RGB keyboards are the HOTTEST thing right now and we ALL use them. If you aren’t using an RGB you are missing out on some of the most epic gaming experiences.

So here’s what we did. We found the BEST and most affordable gaming keyboard and asked to order 300 of them and yet again, we are passing the DISCOUNTS over to you!

Check this out:

Price: $99.99
Our Price: $35.99

HOW?: We had over 300 in stock and we ordered bulk, these are selling out so fast. You want in? Get in now!

Buy your Mystikz Gamer RBG Keyboard Here.


can i buy the mouse without the keyboard,
where’s the gaming PC, without a PC it’s not a setup.

Wiebe February 06, 2019

can i buy the mouse without te keyboard?

wiebe February 06, 2019

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