Should Professional Gamers Wear Gaming Glasses?

These glasses are touted to protect gamers from eye fatigue and even boost their gaming performance.

The Mystikz Gaming Glasses are built to reduce eye strain for gamers and also improve their performance with their special tint. The glasses could counter the adverse after-affects of a gaming addiction and bring aid to casual and professional gamers alike. There are also a lot of adverse health benefits that these glasses can bring. They are explained here

The Mystikz first function is blocking out blue light and glare. These two account for most of the bad effects of sitting in front of a screen for a long time. The blue light messes up the brain’s natural rhythms and extensive exposure leave gamers wide awake even when they are tired. The direct science behind it is that the blue light activate receptors in the brain which stimulate us to be awake. Similar to why we wake up during the day and sleep during the night. The sun rays is an indicator to us that we need to wake up. Blue light during the night also reduces quality of sleep. Glare on the other hand can result in blaring bright spots on a screen and can impede the user’s perception of the game.

The second function of these gaming glasses is even more exciting: it helps gamers perform better. The bronze lenses help provide better contrast and brightness in your games. Mystikz glasses are designed to enhance the visuals in your game, without the colour distortion of other glasses. Objects will start to pop once you put on Mystikz glasses, giving you a competitive edge in your games.

Although created by a gamer for gamers, the glasses will also benefit people who use on computers and mobile screens. Individuals who work in front of a computer for extended period will also find Mystikz helpful. The glasses are made to provide relief from sore, dry eyes, strained vision, eye fatigue, headaches and the difficulty of sleeping attributed to staring at screens. Decreasing exposure to blue light also seems to help out with the symptoms of ADHD.

These glasses are totally affordable compared to the bigger brands for all the benefits they promise to deliver. This innovation is not entirely new though and the blue light filter can even be added as a coat to prescription lenses. However, Mystikz stands out with a tint that enhances gameplay, a great price and at the same time a simple design that gets out of the way of gaming accessories like headphones.

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