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The gaming glasses market has always been a competitive one with big brands such as Gunnar dominating. However Mystikz Gaming has been trying to change that. 

Gaming glasses have one sole purpose and that is to block and decrease screen glare which has been proven to save your eyes. Click here to find out how.

Mystikz Gaming has been offering affordable gaming glasses which reduce eye strain and fatigue from staring at a monitor screen or tv for extended periods of time. The harsh wavelength of light which is emitted is extremely harmful and it affects more in individuals who are within esports, where they are expected to spend more than 8 hours a day. Think about the amount of photos and electrons bombarding their eyes from that. After some time now we have collected many reviews from people who have tried them and have got a lot of positive feedback. 

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Most say that they have seen a significant improvement to their sleep patterns. The harmful rays are known to disrupt our normal circadian sleep patterns. One guy from the IT department mentions that his role requires him to be in front of the computer endlessly, so it is something he cannot control. Mystikz Gaming Glasses has vastly improved his productivity and his speed in programming as well as identifying bug errors.

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One dorky gamer who happens to be a female (yes they exist too) tried on our pair of Mystikz Gaming Glasses and she also experienced better improvements in her gameplay. As a streamer it is important to stay focused and awake for her fans, the glasses does just that. She no longer has sleepy eyes and her fps shooter games are also on target with head shots all year round. 

All in all it is important to note that Mystikz Gaming Glasses are currently the cheapest option on the market. From the reviews we have gathered and the feedbacks from others, it is clear they work. If you want your pair get it here now. Stock levels fall very quickly so secure your one now!

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