Dynasty Warriors 9 - Video Game Series

To continue with the trend of all major series such as assassins creed, COD etc. Dynasty Warriors was due its calling and many fans were dying to see what KOEI will come up with. Not to our surprise they have come introduced an open world setting, similar to the new the  new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is the new dynasty warriors 9.

This can work well with the historical world of China. The beautiful landscapes and the settlements of ancient China would really test the graphics of this new upcoming game, but its more about how you will fight them now. Before you had a boundary or a border in which you weren't allowed to go pass. Now the world is in your controller. You go wherever you please.

As it stands there are 83 playable Dynasty Warriors 9 characters with the usual Guan Yu, and Cao Cao etc. But the great thing is that now Dynasty Warriors was always seen as a PSP game, or even PS4. This has now all been gone as it now makes its way to PC - Dynasty Warriors PC. Dynasty Warriors 9 release date is expected to be in 2017 being first in the USA. 

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