Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse

The Corsair has named their new mouse a glaive. One may associate the glaive with a weapon or a pole so lets check out why his new gaming mouse was named this way.

There has been some buzz which can be justified for this amazing matte black finish gaming mouse with textured grip all around. The unique thing about this mouse is the modular grip. The grips can be swapped and are attached magnetically. At first you wouldn't notice a difference but when fine tuned to the correct grip, you do feel just right and wonder how you survived with your old mouse. 

It has a max DPI of 16000 and it has a very large teflon bottom base which greatly intensifies the accuracy of your gaming experience and lets the mouse glide very smoothly. The great thing about this gaming mouse is that the price you pay for doesn't feel like your buying one mouse. It feels like your buying 3 different corsiar mices as the three different grips does make a very distinct experience. 

It also has 5 customisable buttons which could have been better with more due to the amount of different gaming mice that offers more buttons such as this one.

So that's it for this small review of the mouse. For a more in depth review check out this one by NCIX Tech Tips 

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